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Our clients often engage us to provide solutions from their beginning start up and years later.


We have clients who engage us to solve problems and help them reframe their programs and organizational practices.

We have clients who want to start a nonprofit, grow a nonprofit and obtain 501c3 tax exempt status. 

We have small-medium sized business and nonprofit clients who trust us to design and manage their websites. 

"Tealiris Legacy Services came highly recommended by a trusted friend...the results were timely, professional and exceptional." 

Dr. Wendi Wardlaw, DDS

Stoneybrook Dental | Orlando, FL

"You deserve hugs and kisses from Friends of Claflin, Inc. --You are a God-Send to Us! You have done what we needed and just a few days. Thank you...thank you."


                                                Rev. Richard Jessie

                                                Executive Director of Restoration

                                                Columbus, GA

Web Design

Our designs are affordable for small businesses and non-profit organizations. We can design a new website or rework your existing design. If you have been locked out of your site, we can most likely assist with a solution with excellence. 

  • The starting point for a web design project is the consultation. During this phase we’ll establish what the main objectives are for your website and the overall size of the project.

  • During consultation we explain and give you tips about your budget, concepts, and how you want your site to look and feel. We work with you to develop a professional and searchable site.

  • We will develop content for your website before the design process begins.  

  • During the design and production process, your website will take on form, feel and function. You will have visibility throughout this process to make certain you understand how your site works, approve downloadable form features, donate features, contact links and every detail of your site before it is connected to your domain address and goes 'Live' to the public.  

  • This launch or 'Live'  stage is when your site is fully visible and functional on the internet.

  • We don't just launch and leave you. Our content management services will make life easier for you. 

  • Monthly SEO and SSL update

  • Timely and responsive content update on your existing pages, in accordance with what you want

  • Change text on up to 3 pages 

  • Create and send one event EBlast to over 600 recipients to boost your events

  • Add or modify images up to 7 per month

  • Test document and email links and repair as needed

Writing & Administrative Services

Book review and editing, press release, executive correspondence. 

Nonprofit Startup & Development

Local, state, federal questions? We educate and help you get started and make an impact with your nonprofit. Avoid the mistakes and heartache and let us help you with program development, incorporation, strategy, and 501c3 filing. This is serious business and we know getting started is just a part of the whole picture. 

starts at $450

starts at $38

starts at $38

starts at $125

Momentum & Impact Learning Series

Get onboard and join serious leaders in moving your nonprofit forward. 

Content Management 


Once your site is up you still need fresh content and regular updates. We've got a plan for you. 


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