Social Entrepreneurs know they have to keep learning to grow. The Nonprofit Momentum and Impact Learning Series is a space for growth, innovation and creativity. Participate in learning sessions led by the Purpose Igniter:  Daisy Jones, retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, former public affairs spokesperson, entrepreneur, social service program consultant and radio host. 



April 6          7 Things You Need to Know to Start, Grow, & Get Money

June 29       Creating Legacy: Collaboration & Partnerships 

Sept. 14      Board Pain   

Dec. 14         Momentum with Purpose



2020   Get Ready & Launch Retreat for Startup Nonprofit Leaders

Saturday, February 1, 2020, 10 am - 4pm

Retreat to a beautiful, relaxing and creative environment to learn everything you need to know to launch your nonprofit organization.  


$109 tuition covers the full intensive Workshop, Nonprofit Executive GuideBook, brunch, snacks, individual consultations and coaching. Areas of instruction during the retreat include: Incorporation, Bylaws Development, Organizational Meetings, Corporate Budget and the 501c3 Filing for tax exempt status.  Advanced Registration Required. 


Registration opens 11/15/2019 - Ends 12/16/2019




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